Year 3

Amazing Autumn!

We have had a really exciting first term back at school in year 3.  Children have settled into ks2 really well and we are proud of how they are getting to grips with new routines. 

Our first theme was 'Footprints from the Past' where children studied the Stone Age period.  They enjoyed designing and making Stone-Age dwellings and becoming more familiar with the lifestyles of the earliest forms of man  - even getting to taste some stewed fruit!


Home learning has been very impressive with the introduction of project based tasks.  Children created some amazing Stonehenge models using a wide variety of materials

Children have read and explored the book 'Boom' by Alan MacDonald which has driven the History work.  Children have written their own versions of the story using a wide a variety of literary features including complex sentences, direct speech, onomatopoeia and descriptive phrases. 


In maths, children have explained what numbers are to the 'Urks' which has helped them to explore place value and addition  and subtraction.


Children have also been thinking about God and what God means to different people.  Children have shown maturity and sensitivity when discussing viewpoints.





  1. Autumn 1 Newsletter 2017