Welcome to Reception!


Miss Williams, Miss Renshaw and Mrs Borders work in our Reception class.




  We have been working really hard in Reception on our collaboration skills and been working in pairs and small groups to promote good teamwork and  communication skills. We have made some amazing constructions using a range of differentresources, including castles, house, cars and aeroplanes! We have been thinking about how we can use our imaginations and language to tell our own stories and create role plays with our friends.



We have been enjoying learning in different ways and by using a range of resources, including different kinds of IT. We have been practising using a mouse to play games on the desktop computers and using iPads to practise our number recognition and counting skills.


 We have been working hard to recognise number to 10 and beyond. We have been practising our counting skills by counting objects, pictures,  soounds and movements. We have been looking for numbers in the enivornment and went on a number walk around our school grounds, thinking carefully about the sequence of numbers and numerical order. We have been developing our understanding of quantities and size of numbers, and using lots of amazing language related to concepts of more and less. We have been beginning to think about manipulating quantities by adding more and taking away to make less.







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