Extra Curricular Clubs

Autumn 2016



Dance Teacher

3.30-4.30 KS1/KS2

KS2 Choir

Mrs Morley 3.30-4.30 KS2
Tuesday Touch Typing Miss Whitehead 3.30-4.30 Years 4/5/6
Tuesday Multi Sports

Mr Anderson

3.30-4.30 Years 1/2/3
Tuesday Drama Miss Tennant 3.30-4.30 KS2
Wednesday 'Art Attack!' Miss Peacock 3.30-4.30 Years 3/4/5
Wednesday ICT Mrs Thomas 3.30-4.30 Year 2

“Godley Noise”

(Music Group - by invitation)

Mr Halligan

Mrs Clawley

3.30-4.30 KS2
Wednesday Boys Football

Mr Constantine


3.30-4.30 Years 5/6
Thursday Running

Miss Williams


3.30-4.30 Year 4,5,6
Thursday  KS1 Choir Miss Howard 3.30-4.30 KS1
Thursday Racquet Club Mr Radford 3.30-4.30 Years 4/5/6

Little Ladybirds


Mrs Linder 3.30-4.30 Year 1
Thursday Computing  Miss Gilmore 3.30—4.30 KS2
Thursday Recorders Miss Maxted 3.30-4.30 Year 5 and 6
Thursday Spanish Miss Hughes 3.30-4.30 Year 4/5/6


Listed above are the after school clubs for the Next Term.  If you would like your child to attend the clubs please collect a letter from the appropriate teacher or in case of 'off site' staff the office.   All clubs will start W/C 12th September 2016. A small charge of £1 per week will occur for each club. Please pay the correct money when returning the letter to the teacher. (£13 for this Term)